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10,000 unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the greatest DADS themselves. CryptoDads is 10,000 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some ofthe greatest DADS themselves.

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Crypto Dads

Each dad found themselves in the midst of a midlife crisis and fell into the dark abyss of shit coins and expensive jpegs of rocks. Some made it out with diamonds, and others never recovered.

Join us on our journey & experience a thrill that you haven’t had since a midnight launch party at Gamestop.

Having a CryptoDad grants you creative and commercial use. You earned it champ.

crypto dads
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Crypto MOMS

CryptoMoms is 8,791 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the greatest Moms themselves. CryptoMoms will be included in the Gaming & Metaverse utility being developed for CryptoDads & they will also be getting their own unique utility alongside this.

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Let’s be honest – Getting started in the NFT space can be extremely overwhelming and causes a large barrier of entry for those wanting to get involved. We have developed “The NFT ToolBox” step-by-step training program for the entire NFT space that will cover the basics of getting setup, how to buy, how to sale, & what to look for in projects. We are extremely passionate about the Crypto & NFT community as a whole and believe this is a great way to educate newcomers and promote mass adoption.

Our Roadmap Completion

Some of our team’s inspiration for launching CryptoDads was making an impact on lives across the world. We are proud to say that we have accomplished a lot of amazing things in the time that we have been around. We’re excited to keep building! #BIGDADENERGY

  • Donate $30,000 to Men’s Mental health

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  • Launch CryptoDads Merch

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  • Officially Launch CryptoMoms NFT Collection

    cryptodad mower
  • Launch Limited Release CryptoDads Energy Drink

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  • Dr. Squatch x CryptoDads partnership

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  • Launched Steaking & Shop

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Our 2022 Vision

Click on the floating land and cave below to view our phases/goals for 2022.

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    Phase 1

    Acquire Sandbox &
    NFT Worlds land (Completed)

    Release LaunchPad (Completed)

    Hold First IRL Event (Completed)

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    Phase 2

    Build out NFT Worlds (In Progress)

    Launch Phase 1 of Play To Earn NFT World to Players (Completed)

    Launch Phase 2 of NFT World to Players (In Development)

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    Phase 3

    Explore CryptoDads
    Animated Series

    CryptoTots Release (Subject to change based on utility & market health)

    Lawn Mower Racing Game (In Development by NVRland Labs)

Honorary Dads

Our Honorary Dad collection consists of amazing & influential individuals who mean a lot to the CryptoDad community! Each one of these Honorary CryptoDads have been accepted by the individuals themselves and this collection exists separately from the original CryptoDads.

Crypto dads merch

5-7 Day Shipping | Coinbase Pay Available | Ships Worldwide 100% of profits go directly into the CryptoDads Community Wallet

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Meet the team

  • Anthony J.


    Co-Founder. Not a dad yet but definitely should be. Brand Manager & Marketer.

  • Leya


    Should be 100% working for Disney. Lowkey super Artist & Designer.

  • KeepItSane


    The brains behind the smart contracts & dev work. Still trying to determine if he’s robot or human. Time will tell…

  • Russkiy


    COO – Meet Russkiy! She is the CryptoDads community manager and is one hell of a CryptoMom!